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SDM Institute of Technology, Ujire (DK) NOTICE

SDM Institute of Technology, Ujire (DK) NOTICE

In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, the college will remain closed till 31st March 2020. Faculty members are informed to keep in touch with students over Google Classroom/ WhatsApp/ digital platform and share study materials from time to time, from home.

Any requests made by the students to reset/ change log-in credential of Google classroom, etc. should be first communicated to HoD along with a scanned copy of their ID card or any other document as proof for Name and Address to check authenticity. The HoD after verification will communicate the same to System Admin with a recommendation to give effect of the changes if needed. Students should not contact System Admin directly in this regard.

The staff and students are also advised to keep visiting VTU website on regular basis for circulars and notices.

Further, all are informed to strictly follow the directives and safety measures issued by the Govt. and Health department from time to time, and stop moving around in public places.