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Electronics and Communication Engineering







The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) was started in 2007. The department was granted with VTU Research Centre in 2016. At present, 14 faculty members are pursuing research in the areas of Speech, Image and Signal processing, VLSI and Antenna design. The department has grown steadily and achieved several land marks in academics and students’ achievements. The department strives hard for imparting better knowledge to the students through academics, projectbased activities, workshops and industrial visits. Wipro Mission 10X Technology Learning Centre of the department provides practical exposure necessary to excel in the stream.

Why Electronics and Communication Engg. at SDMIT?

  • The most important benefits that Electronics and Communication branch provides students is freedom. The freedom to drift between hardware and software domains
  • Industry supported labs such as Wipro UTLP, Texas Instruments innovation center, Bosch Rexroth center for excellence to encourage students with their creativity and innovation
  • FOSS courses with a Recognized IIT Remote Center for Certification Courses
  • MoUs with many companies to strengthen Industry-Institute collaboration to provide job opportunities, domain-specific training for placement, Internships and Assignment of Major/Minor projects
  • Constant engagement in social outreach programs, thus providing technological solutions to prominent societal problems, empowering society
  • Mentorship program to mentor and motivate our students
  • Continuous Encouragement and mentoring process for students to participate in IIDCD, KSCST, Anveshana and such state/national level Technical Competitions
  • Nurturing the growth of every individual through intensive, dynamic and conductive learning environment using modern education techniques and industry-oriented pedagogy
  • Dedicated faculties with more than 80% of them pursuing Ph. D. in emerging areas of ECE.
  • Alumni placed in reputed MNC’s across both software and hardware domains with a few with startups also
  • SDMIT Cubers, a team of students from SDM Institute of Technology, Ujire, lead by Mr. Prithveesh, alumnus of Dept. of ECE entered the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the ‘Largest Dual-sided Rubik’s Cube Mosaic’, measuring 14,981 sq m and involving 4,500 Rubik’s Cubes
  • Arvinda Harebailu got 3rd prize for speak for India contest organized by Fedaral Bank on 10th March 2017
  • Department students’ team ‘Raitha Mithra’ was one among top 10 teams in ‘India Innovation Challenge Design Contest-2016’ and selected as Incubatee at IIM Bangalore with Seed Fund of 20lakhs
  • Department students’ team ‘Shwasa’ was one among top 10 teams in ‘India Innovation Challenge Design Contest-2017’ and selected as Incubatee at IIM Bangalore with Seed Fund of INR 20 Lakhs
  • Students’ project ‘ADVANCED E-BIN’ received ‘Aspiring Tech Talent Award’ with a cash prize of INR.1 lakh and was best women’s team in ‘India Innovation Challenge Design Contest-2016’
  • Students’ projects ‘Drushti’ and ‘Self Sustainable Air Purifier with Air Cooling System’ got selected to the 42nd series of Student Project Program (SPP) sponsored by KSCST.
  • More than 15 teams got component sponsor and mentoring from Texas Instruments India andqualified to the semi-finals of ‘India Innovation Challenge Design Contest’
  • “DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF HYBRID INVERTER” Project is selected for Second round of “AVISHKAR” Project Exhibition/Competition conducted by VTU TEQIP cell held at VTU Belagavi.
  • Pallavi G, Ganavi B P, Shrinidhi M r, Prakruthi, Tanuja have won 3rd Place in Interzone Level Kabaddi Tournament held at Gubi, Tumkur in the month of June 2018
  • Annie Varshitha Represented as an Event Manager in IEEE 5th Conference in Pune 29th to 31st March 2019

Two Day Hands-on Training Session on Exploring Pointers in C

Two Day Hands-on Training Session on “Exploring Pointers in C” was organized for the final year students of ECE and EEE on 17th and 18th August, 2019 at SDM Institute of Technology, Ujire. Prof. Siddalingesh Navalgund and Prof. Srikanth Shirakol from SDMCET, Dharwad conducted the training program. Basic concepts of C programming & pointers along with a hands-on session were discussed during this workshop.

VLSI Design

A Five-day training program on ‘VLSI Design’ for the students of 2nd and 3rd year was organized from 5th to 9th February 2020. Mr. Ashlesh Bhat, Physical Design Engineer, KARMIC, Udupi, Prof.Varunkumar S. K., and Prof.Niranjan Mamadapur, Assistant Professors, Department of ECE were the resource persons for this workshop. In this workshop, students were thought the concepts of MOSFET devices, steps involved in fabrication of MOSFET, Characterization of MOSFET, design of CMOS inverters and basic gates, Layout design using CADENCE EDA Tool.

Three days workshop on Industrial Automation

Three days workshop on ‘Industrial Automation’ was organized on 6th, 7th and 8th March 2020, for 4th semester students. Mr. Himanshu Kumar, Director, Indwell Automation, Pune was the resource person of the event. During the workshop students got the knowledge in PLC programming and challenges in automation industry and the difficulties in real-time application.

Two days workshop on Printed circuit Board Design

A two days workshop on ‘Printed circuit Board Design’ was organized on 9th and 10th March 2019, for 4th semester students. Mr. Jayanth B. V., D.A.C.G Govt Polytechnic, Chikmagalur was the resource person of the event. Basic concepts of circuit design and various discrete components used in the PCB design were discussed in this workshop, and also students designed their own PCB board.

Two Day workshop on Internet of Things using ARM Cortex M4 TIVA MCU

Department of ECE in association with EdGATE Technologies, Bangalore conducted Two Days workshop on “Internet of Things using ARM Cortex M4 TIVA MCU” on 31st August and 1st September 2018. Basic Concepts of IOT, usage of internetto control variouscomponents and use of advanced RSLK kit in robotic applications were taught in the workshop.

Project Exhibition

A “Hobby project Exhibition” was organized by the department on 11th November 2017. 15 projects developed by students of 3rd semester were displayed in the exhibition. Around 100 students from SDMEMS, Ujire attended this exhibition and had an interaction with our students.

Workshop on Antenna Design Simulation Tools

Two Days Workshop on ‘Antenna Design Simulation Tools’ was organized for the students of third year on 21st and 22nd of August 2017. Dr.Hallapa Gajira, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, Mysore University and Dr.Rajendra Patil, professor GSSIT, Mysore were the resource persons of the event. During the workshop Dr.Hallapa Gajira, discussed with students about the design issues of antenna, usage of HFSS simulator and Dr.Rajendra Patil conducted hands-on session on simulator using IE3D.

LabVIEW & its Applications

An Awareness Session on “LabVIEW & its Applications” was organized by Department of ECE on 27th August 2018. Mr. Vasanth Kumar V, Assistant Manager in VI Solutions, Bangalore was the resource person. Students of 3rd and 5th semester ECE participated the program. The resource person gave an overview of fundamentals of LabVIEW tool, its scope in different areas; its usage &applications.

Design Thinking

Department of ECE organized one day activity session on “Design Thinking” for 5th semester ECE students on 29th September 2018. Mr. Krishna KanthNaik, Team Lead, Internet of Things – Continuous Engineering Support (IoTCE), IBM, Bengaluru was the resource person for the program, who enlightened participants on “how to come up with innovative solutions for real-time issues around us” and motivated them to live up to the essence of being an Engineer – while being a student.

Challenges of Landing on Moon and Mars

An informative session on ‘Challenges of landing on Moon and Mars’ was organized on 9th November 2019. Shri. P. J. Bhat, Distinguished scientist (retired) ISRO/ISAC, was the Resource person of the event. Shri P. J. Bhat Spoke about various Rover Landing Mechanisms and missions. He also discussed about the various phases involved in the missions of Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan.

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Teaching Staff


Sl. No. Name Qualification Designation Experience (years)
1 Dr. Ashok Kumar .T B.E M.E Ph.D Principal 32
2 Dr. Sandeep R B.E M.Tech Ph.D Professor 13 3.5
3 Dr. Madhusudhan K B.E M.Tech Ph.D Asst. Professor & HoD I/C 12
4 Dr. Subramanya S B B.E M.Tech Ph.D Associate Professor 10 2
5 Dr. Mohan Naik B.E M.Tech Ph.D Asst.Professor 12
6 Ms .Sowmya T K B.E M.Tech (Ph.D) Asst. Professor 10
7 Mr. Pratapchandra B.E M.Tech (Ph.D) Asst. Professor 12
8 Dr. Bharathraj Kumar B.E M.Tech Ph.D Asst. Professor 8
9 Mr. Praveen H L B.E M.Tech (Ph.D) Asst. Professor 8 1
10 Mr. Ramachandra B.E M.Tech (Ph.D) Asst. Professor 11
11 Mr. Amith K Jain B.E M.Tech Asst. Professor 8
12 Dr. Avinash S B.E M.Tech Ph.D Asst. Professor 10 1
13 Ms. Shaileshwari S B.E M.Tech Asst. Professor 7
14 Mr. Niranjan M B.E M.Tech Asst. Professor 7
15 Mr. Raghuveera Pandith B.E M.Tech Asst. Professor 13 2
16 Mr. Mahesh D S B.E M.Tech Asst. Professor 9
17 Ms. Sushma K.H B.E M.Tech Asst. Professor