The learning resource centre (library) has been built to meet International standards, spreading over two floors with an area of 1300 sq.meters. It has a collection of over 34,000 print books in 4581 titles apart from journals, back volumes and other resources in Sciences, Engineering and Technology. The digital library facility is also available, which includes e-resources, CDs/DVDs, video/ audio cassettes and NPTEL courses.The institute has become a member of VTU e-consortium, National Digital Library (NDL) and DELNET to provide enhanced learning experience.


Are there allocated library hours in the college?

No, but the library is free access which means students can access it anytime.

How does the borrowing system work here?

Similar to most libraries, the borrowing system allows students to borrow reference materials for a week, or based on the demand of the specific item.

How can students access the digital library?

Login IDs and passwords are provided to all students, through which the digital library can be accessed.

Can everyone access the digital library?


Are e-resources allowed to be borrowed?

No, e-resources are reference materials that be accessed at the library only.