Innovation Lab

Innovation is about doing useful things differently, converting ideas into solutions that meet newer needs or adding values to existing products and services. Creativity means coming up with ideas whereas innovation brings ideas to life. Creativity and Innovations are indispensable qualities of engineers. Hence, there is a need to nurture creative and innovative minds during engineering education. With this background, an idea innovation lab is set up in the Institute. 

The Innovation Centre/Lab was inaugurated on 28th April 2018 by Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari-Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala and President – SDME Society, Ujire in the presence of Shri Girish Barne, Associate Vice President, Persistent Systems Ltd., Dr. Anil Kumar R., Dovers Corporation, Dr. Gopal Mugeraya, Director, NIT, Goa and Shri P.B. Kotur, General Manager, Wipro. D. Surendra Kumar, Prof. S. Prabhakar, Vice Presidents – SDME Society, Dr. B. Yashovarma, Secretary, SDME Society and Dr. K. Suresh, Principal, SDMIT were also present during the occasion.

The lab is established in the institute to nurture creative and innovative minds during engineering education. It provides a forum, space and facility for innovators (students and staff) to develop, work-out and materialize ideas into reality. The stress is on the execution of projects leading to products and solutions to the problems faced by rural and agricultural community.


  • To motivate students to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.
  • To provide a forum, space and facility for innovators (students and staff) to develop, work-out and materialize ideas into reality.
  • To provide necessary trainings on tools and usage of tools available in the innovation / incubation lab.
  • To organize and conduct events and competitions for promoting and showcasing innovations.


The Idea Innovation/Incubation Lab would provide following facilities to the Innovators (to accomplish each of the stages in the creative/innovative process indicated above).

  • Collaboration area (with discussion table, white board and LCD projector)
  • Sketching, drawing and drafting accessories
  • Common and essential tools / equipment with work tables
  • Testing facilities
  • Mini-library
  • Power and Internet


Who can work?

Any member (student / faculty / any other) of SDM Group can work in Innovation Lab. However, he/she should have the enthusiasm to innovate / develop ideas and registered his/her name in the center.



The innovation lab will be open on all working days (and even on Holidays, if there is a need) from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. However, the timing is flexible according to the demand of the situation. It is the primary responsibility of every user of Innovation lab that he/she must maintain discipline and safety norms while working. It is mandatory to record check-in time and check-out time in the register. 

Following are the Policies and Practices of the Lab. 

  • Put check-in and check-out time in the register
  • Keep your foot ware and bag outside the lab (in the rack provided)
  • Be aware of all the safety devices available in the lab
  • Be sure to know the location and availability of first aid accessories
  • Wash hands before leaving the lab
  • Be aware of others in the lab
  • Clean the work area before leaving the lab
  • Keep the tools / things back to the order after the work / day 
  • Observe good housekeeping practice to keep the lab clean and tidy) 
  • Report any accidents (breakage, spill, etc.) or injury immediately to the coordinator/mentor
  • Plan properly before taking up any work
  • Avoid working with chemicals until you are sure of handling them safe
  • Avoid using tool / equipment without knowing how to use
  • Avoid working with sharp tools, electrical devices without safety precautions
  • Avoid using flash / pen drives on the lab computer
  • Avoid uploading / deleting / altering any software on the lab computer
  • Avoid opening / browsing irrelevant sites on the internet while working in the lab
  • Avoid shouting, disturbing others, talking aloud in the lab


There is an arrangement in the center to provide necessary trainings on the usage of tools on request. Regular trainings on personality development (presentation, team work, report writing, etc.) will be provided on specific days. On certain cases, the training programmes may attract nominal charges. The schedule of trainings on personality development during the month will be displayed on the Notice board on the last day of preceding month.


Number of projects are being developed in-house by students in the innovation lab. 3-D printer, Smart Rubber tapping device, Soil fertility control system, Hydrophonics system, Solar tracking system, Wood chipper, Ground-nut decanter, Arecanut dehusker, Solar air purifying system, napkin incinerator, plastic shredder, are among some of the projects being executed in the lab.