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There’s always one thing that we recall every time we think about college days. It could be the canteen, the view from the top most floor, or perhaps even the walls and classrooms. It’s a granted fact that students, when they leave college, reminiscence student life with possibly any other relevant factor except academics. By popular opinion, SDMIT has a central

One challenge that most educational institutions, especially IT colleges, struggle to tackle is the issue of culture shock that students encounter during their transition from student life to professional. Student life, though inclusive of practical exposure, goes rather protected in terms of failures and escalation. So is not true in the professional sphere. SDMIT has implemented a number of innovative techniques

An educational institution is where a person spends the most precious years of his life in hopes of building a sustainable foundation for the rest of his life. In comprehension of that, it becomes the responsibility of the institution to establish itself in such a manner that the years one spends within its walls turn out to be golden years

SDM Kalavaibhava India fosters a number of art forms. Talented students are given extensive training to perform Indian and foreign classical and contemporary dance forms by eminent teachers. Kalavaibhava, an artistic feat of dance forms performed by our students at different parts of the country is growing richer every year. This opportunity provides the students not only a stage to showcase their talents but also learn