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One challenge that most educational institutions, especially IT colleges, struggle to tackle is the issue of culture shock that students encounter during their transition from student life to professional. Student life, though inclusive of practical exposure, goes rather protected in terms of failures and escalation. So is not true in the professional sphere.

SDMIT has implemented a number of innovative techniques to effectively tackle this issue, and the BOSCH Rexroth laboratory is one of them. The BOSCH lab is a fully equipped technology invention lab facilitated by BOSCH, where students are provided hands-on training and platforms for innovation.

The BOSCH lab at SDMIT is divided into 3 sections based on the functions of the equipment namely hydraulics, pneumatics and sensors. These labs are utilized by the students of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics departments on a minimum of 40-60 hours per semester. Of the many successful student made projects in the lab, the pneumatically operated step, dish washing apparatus and the mixing tank are noteworthy. The innovations made by the students in this lab is tried and tested and will soon be considered for patent applications.