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The intellectual space

An educational institution is where a person spends the most precious years of his life in hopes of building a sustainable foundation for the rest of his life. In comprehension of that, it becomes the responsibility of the institution to establish itself in such a manner that the years one spends within its walls turn out to be golden years in true sense.

While SDMIT keeps in mind the fact and strives in every sphere to facilitate multi-dimensional growth of students, there are some areas that we evidently excel in. The college library is quite visibly one such sphere. The dedicated library block situated over an area of 1300 sq.ft is a fully automated and engaging facility of the college. We have a capacity of 250 which allows students to utilize the library all through the day for as long as they want, and with whatever capacity they intend.

The SDMIT library is a member of the VTU Consortium, which means that the students have free access to academic materials directly sanctioned by the VTU and most of them not available elsewhere. The library is also a member of Delnet, and of NDL (National Digital Library) which expand the availability of quality reading material to an unmatched level. We also have D-space digital library systems incorporated which allow students to access question papers, notes and projects from previous academic years without restrictions.

The library keeps track of library usage by students through bar code tracking, through which best users of the library are chosen every month and given recognition. The fully automated setup allows us to keep perfect track of borrowing and returning facilities which are highly utilized by our students. Evidently, the SDMIT library is amongst the busiest places within the campus. It is a matter of pride for the college that the students seek out reading facilities as much as other platforms in the college.